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An Open Invitation to LIVE Well!

Our mission

Keeping you healthy and happy

At uVited, our mission is to help you with yours. Advocating for our wellness has never been more important, which is why we invite you to experience one of the most comprehensive and cost conscious catalogs of natural and organic products on this journey towards vitality.


6 years in business


Quality products


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As we strive to become the premier source of natural and organic products, we will never lose sight of our own journey and our heart-felt gratitude for the customers that are helping us to achieve these goals.

Get what you need
to live life optimally.

The uVited team has a genuine appreciation for its roots. In 2011, we started working out of a 200 square foot room, selling just a handful of natural products. By the following year, it became apparent just how many consumers were adopting a healthier lifestyle. In 2012, our team and space expanded exponentially. It was during this time, we spent thousands of hours performing market research to be able to offer a remarkable line-up of trusted brands for you and your loved ones. And now, in 2017, we proudly and confidently stand behind an extensive product line.
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